When I started my yoga training with Misti, I had no idea what life changes would happen. It was a God gift for certain. I read about the RESET program on the website and knew it was something I should look into and decided quickly to sign up. Misti guided me through Baron Baptiste’s book, Being of Power. For my entire life, I’ve always known something wasn’t right. I always knew I was a good person – I had good parents, a good childhood, did well in school, didn’t get into much trouble, had good friends, was a leader in the church, taught SS school, etc., BUT I was making very bad choices and keeping everything a secret. It was like I had to rebel against being good. I felt like a very bad person and that if people knew that person, no one would like me, much less love me. I started keeping secrets around seven years old when a cousin took advantage of my innocence. I didn’t know that it was wrong because the cousin was much older and I was just happy to be included. What I did know, whether from being told or from my conscious, was that I could NOT tell anyone – my first serious secret. I kept that secret until I was in my 30’s, but between 7 and 30, I created many, MANY more secrets. I’ve gone to dozens of counselors and even addiction centers trying to figure out what my problem was. I learned a lot in every case, but it still didn’t change me. No one ever talked about my “authentic self.” No one ever gave me the opportunity to totally get messy with my emotions and my practice before. Needless to say, I don’t show emotions easily, but week after week, the truth, the FACTS, were becoming clear and I learned how to get rid of the bricks I was carrying around. I learned that we have facts and then we build a story around them. We convince ourselves that our stories are the truth. My stories told me I was bad, untrustworthy, uncommitted, an addict, but through this course and Misti’s guidance, I realize I am a good person and from here on out, my new way of being is of honesty, integrity, and love, and the lies I am giving up are that I am bad and unlovable. This is what I am committed to.

Susan currently lives in Old Hickory, TN. She works as an Executive Assistant for Global Construction and is on the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. She has two wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren.