Yoga has opened endless doors to new possibilities in my life. Being raised by a single mother I was always taught to be strong and powerful. Growing up i struggled to keep that strong powerful personality up. For as long as I can remember I always hid my authentic feelings. Running from my fear of being seen as a weak person, I bottled up my feelings. I carried a lot of unfelt emotions in my body. The night I Had my break through I knew I had to take action. I knew my body was trying to tell me something. My body was slowing peeling away the layers I had worked so hard to push down and ignore.

After a lot of searching and self doubt I took a risk to meet Misti and attend a class. From that class on I knew this was what my body, mind and soul was needing all along, connection. Working with Misti has opened my eyes and my heart to have compassion for myself. I am on a journey to healing my inner child, I’m learning how to love and nurture myself. Pathfinders is a safe place to connect with woman of all ages. It is a place where it is okay to be vulnerable, something huge that I’ve taken with me from pathfinders is that showing my real authentic self is being in my greatness. Every time I go in I leave feeling empowered and that is what keeps me coming back every week. I am full of gratitude with my progress with yoga, self healing and self discovery through Pathfinders and with the help of Misti. I will keep walking my journey to become whole again.

Erika lives and works in Nashville. She is on the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher and has plans to pursue teaching as a way to help others connect, share and heal.