More than two years ago, I began a journey I never knew was possible in my life. For years my self-DOUBT was so thick and heavy…I told myself, that was someone else’s life, my life could never be that simple and, yet whole.  I had convinced myself that it had to be complicated, I was complicated, life was hard and following crazy dreams was for other people, not me.  I had a secret: I really believed I had nothing to offer…anyone. And I lived that way. Was a wife that way. Was a mother that way. Living each day trying to keep that secret by trying to please others and gain their approval, yet it never worked. I was miserable, again. Still waiting for success, accomplishment and contentment. Over the past two years, I un-learned a lot. That’s right, un-learned. I worked hard in many areas and redefined what accomplishment and success meant for me. I let go of so much to redefine what contentment meant for me. For so long, I had taken “the worlds” twisted definitions of these things to be fact, they simply are not. We are 100% responsible for the life we CREATE.
Next month, I embark on another moment of redefinition. During these two years, I had to un-learn the way the “yoga world” defines an experienced yoga teacher. I am leading a simultaneous yoga teacher/leadership training program for both new teachers and teachers who want to lead. Many of my own yogis have said “I am not qualified and I don’t have the experience” and you know what?  THAT IS OKAY.  Really, it is because you see, if I were (still) needing that approval I wouldn’t dare take this jump, too risky that they might be right. But not needing approval is quite liberating! I only need to trust; myself, God, His divine Universe and most of all…His Will. The rest is just paperwork and logistics.
So, to ANYONE out there who is wishing their life could be like mine? It can be. Do the work. Be willing to jump off the cliff when everything in your mind says NO. And most definitely jump when people let their own self-doubt leak onto you. Do something you love, share your talents and gifts. Un-learn the lessons. Redefine your SELF. I did and so can you. Remember this, doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
Big Love,