CYTTN – LOTUS Leadership

“May I live like the LOTUS, at ease in muddy water.”

As teachers, we have learned the world of teaching never ceases to teach us. We remain students. Leaders have specific qualities that tame the nerves of their students. Leaders see change as a constant. Leadership is a universal assignment. Yet, not every teacher is willing to answer this call to leadership. The training is a rigorous journey through ‘the mud’ of our inner world. Our LOTUS leadership program is for the willing, the ardent teachers, who are hungry to share their yoga through leadership opportunites and advancement. Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from someone who has actually done the WORK. Meet Brittany.


Brittany Morgan, 2017 LOTUS Leadership Graduate

Practice yoga, or live your yoga? Lead a class, or live life as a leader?  It is a choice. It is a creation.

Every Human is born with the ability to lead, but living as a leader is a choice.  Living yoga off your mat is a choice.  Both happen by creating experiences with others.

This program recognizes that living as a leader starts with the choice to accept that leadership is not about YOU. Just as yoga, at its essence, is not about YOU.

This program is about creation.  Leaders are revealed out of experiences that connect US. Leaders are revealed when ONE decides to make experience about US.

For me, leadership started when I chose to start living my life for the whole of US.  If I’m living for the whole of US, I am responsible for every choice I make and every connection I create.  I acknowledge that every moment of my life, which is every choice of my life,  does not happen alone. Life is created by sharing life.  To live in leadership is to connect.  It is my responsibility to see myself in others, and allow them to see themselves in me.  The only way to do that, is to let YOU see me cleaning my mud away that disconnects me from YOU.

This program allows you to create experiences for others that choice by choice clear the mud away attempting to disconnect YOU from US.

The Lotus does not magically grow without touching the mud.  The Lotus never stops cleaning the mud away.  A leader never stops sharing with others.  A leader never stops creating experiences for others.

Brittany is a CYT400 level teacher, leader and program facilitator for CYTTN. Her passion is to share human-ness and co-create leaders who lead outside themselves for others. Follow her on Instagram @thesacredphoenix

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