Fall 2017 Training Information/Dates

CYTTN 2017-18 Training Information


How much? 200-Hour Certification is $2850 and includes all books and materials. 400-Hour Leadership Certification (Continuing education for Certified Teachers only) is $1850 and includes all books and materials. Also included is an updated CPR/First Aid Training, one headshot photo at graduation, and full access to online materials.

Who leads the trainings?
All trainings are Baptiste inspired and provided by PATHFINDERSyoga and CYTTN.org. Trainings are created and supervised by owner/founder, Misti Jackson-Derringer. Program hours are facilitated by CYTTN professional members committed to excellence and authenticity in their own training and in sharing that with the world. Graduates of CYTTN200 are automatically made members of CYTTN.org and will carry the seal of completion on any information they choose.

What about Yoga Alliance?
PATHFINDERS and CYTTN is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) as well as a RYS (Registered Yoga School). Currently, there is no governing body of yoga beyond earning certifications. Yoga Alliance provides only a registry listing which is not required to acquire insurance, teach or train teachers. We believe all associations of CYTs are truly a community built ‘by and for teachers’ to connect, support and empower the practice, leadership and ethical accountability yoga was founded upon. CYTTN membership is free to all CYT200 who live and teach in Tennessee. To find out all the benefits CYTTN offers its membership, please visit our website. www.cyttn.org

CYTTN200 and CYTTN400:
September – March
20 weeks [10 hours per week] with mandatory meetings T/TH 5pm-10pm
Please note: Meeting weeks will NOT run consecutively, please see full list of training dates below.

What is Leadership Training?
CYTTN400 Lotus Leadership Training is for certified 200HR teachers only, who intend to lead powerful trainings. This training is required for leading through CYTTN.org and/or those wanting to facilitate PATHFINDERSyoga workshops and trainings.

LT’s, if present, will hold a very important role as student, mentor and support to the training as a whole. They will learn ethical facilitation practices, presentation skills and how to lead powerfully and from the connected space in which we already co-exist. LT’s will often be asked to lead various elements of the training specific to their own personal work and that which the training requires. They may be asked to stand in for myself as facilitator, if needed. They will also be asked to observe often, providing necessary feedback to promote the growth and effectiveness of the training and for myself. They will attend all mandatory hours and will be asked to be utmost committed to the entire process. They will lead assisting during all training asanas, and will learn to effectively move from teaching to assisting with flow and purpose.

What materials and equipment are needed for our meetings?
Unless told otherwise, you will need to come dressed*** bring your yoga mat, journal and water bottle to each session. You may want to bring a healthy snack, electrolytes and or tea for after your asana practice or items needed for personal care. You may also want to bring pens, highlighters, note cards or sticky notes. After all, we are ALL truly students! All other materials are provided including the required books which you will receive both prior to the start of training and during the training.

***Dress code: All students need to wear black tops and bottoms to each meeting. It doesn’t matter what type of yoga attire it is, just needs to be black and without large logos. I will explain more about this later. All I ask is that you trust me on this one. Black ‘Baptiste’ logo pants are fine.

Reflection Weeks – Because our training weeks will not run back to back, I have mapped out certain weeks that have deep purpose to your certification and your personal story. These weeks are called ‘Reflection Weeks’ and during this time you will dive deeper into self-care, self-love, and self-creation. More info to come on this at our first meeting.

Teaching/Leadership Toolbox – Each student will leave this training with their own set of co-created tools. Each Thursday we meet, you will choose something specific to your experience to add to this toolbox. During our final weeks, we will use this tool box to create your Self Presentation.

Financial Agreement – To reserve your training spot a deposit of $300 is due by September 20, 2017. By making this deposit, you commit to a financial agreement whether you continue the training or not you are still required to pay in full.

Attendance Agreement – There are times in our lives when ‘showing up’ is optional. This is NOT one of those times. This training will require 100% attendance to ALL sessions in order to earn your 200/400 hour certification. Attendance means: At the studio, set up and prepared with everything you need before or at precisely 5PM. No exceptions. If you’re sick, still make every effort to come. If you cannot attend, I will only allow you to make up 8 hours maximum. Meaning if you miss more than 8 hours, you will not be allowed to complete the training, however, you will still be bound to our financial agreement. Remember, if you want something different in life…show up differently. The following payments are required for missed hours to be made up privately:
1-4 = $250
4-8 = $500

Integrity Agreement – To have integrity means to be forthcoming and honest when we ARE NOT in integrity with ourselves or others. Your commitment to this training binds you to this integrity agreement. You agree to be honest and forthcoming about times when you lack integrity and when you have let yourself and others down. You agree to show up fully to each session as a stand for the group as a whole unit. Where one is out of integrity, we all are out. Own it, and be a stand for your personal growth as well as a stand for the entire group.

Accountability Agreement – During this training you will have some various partner work during each meeting, however, you will not be accountable for their work outside our meeting times. Instead, we will be more focused on personal accountability. Outside the required reading, you will have a maximum of one assignment (mostly reading and journaling and sometimes something unique to your work) each week prior to our meetings, for these assignments, you agree to be 100% personally accountable.

That is the long and short of it. My only request now is that you breathe…and experience the feeling of reaching outside your comfort zone. That place is truly where life begins. Looking forward to an incredible, fun, crazy, and powerful training. Thank you for BEING A YES, your best self thanks you (in advance) too! See you soon and namaste yogis! 🙂

From the space ‘where compassion meets direction’…

-Misti and the CYTTN Team


[Reflection weeks are independent study, we will not meet.]

Week 1: October 17 th & 19th
Week 2: October 24th & 26th
Week 3: November 2nd (No training Oct. 31)
Week 4: November 7th & 9th
Week 5:November 14th & 16th
Reflection week: November 20 – 24th
Week 6: November 28 & 30th
Week 7:December 5th & 7th
Week 8:Dec. 12th & 14 th
Reflection week: December 18th – 22nd
Vacation week: December 25th – 29th
Reflection week: January 1st -5th
Week 9: January 9th & 11th
Week 10: January 16th & 18th
Week 11: January 23rd & 25th
Reflection week: January 29th – Feb 2nd
Week 12: February 6th & 8th
Week 13: February  13th & 15th
Week 14: February 20th  & 22nd
Week 15: February  27th & Mar 1st
Week 16: March 6th & Mar 8th
Reflection week: March 12th – 16th
Certification week: March 20th & 22nd

Important: If you miss more than 8 scheduled hours, you will be excluded from the program until the next available training. All financial agreements remain whether you complete training or not. The following payments are required to make up training hours privately:
1-4 hours = $250
4-8 hours = $500