imageThis is not rehab. This is not 12 steps. This is not a one hour meeting to check the box on your pink slip. Nope, not another yoga class for addicts. Not something to fix the broken or keep someone clean.

PATH of Recovery is about empowerment for those in long term recovery, those at risk of addiction and their families. This is a crusade. Read on to get the whole picture. If it moves you, join the crusade.

Enough is enough. This is what I said when I realized something needed to drastically change about how our world was fighting the war on drugs and addiction. Enough. Path of Recovery is a crusade of compassion and direction.

Enough shame. Enough isolation. Enough judgement. Enough blaming. We need more compassion, more grace and so much more than an intervention. Not even a revolution will suffice. We need a recovery revalAtion.

Something needs to change and it needs to start with the doctors, therapists, addiction counselors, recovery staff and MOST importantly, the families and friends of addicts. It is time that we look deeper at what’s going on and take responsibility for our own actions, judgments, and lack of understanding. No, it’s not our fault but what we are doing isn’t working. It’s not that we did it on purpose, we have just let the WORLD tell us how to handle ‘these broken people’. News flash: We are ALL broken. Handle that.

The fact that one person chooses an ‘illegal’ coping mechanism doesn’t make them more broken. How is your need to gamble or shop any different than the ways in which others choose to fill the void. It isn’t different and it’s about time someone pointed it out. Not to say that in the eyes of the law this is a completely different battle field, Because it is currently. But I believe that’s because we are fighting the wrong battle. I should know. My brother is currently facing charges that could potentially carry a prison sentence, taking away all his choices. But he didn’t choose to be broken, nor does anyone else.

What I can’t help but think each and every single day I can’t meet him for lunch or watch him play soccer with my young daughter is this…what if. What if I had loved him with a compassionate and non-judgmental heart? What if I hadn’t DVRed every episode of Intervention and decided I could be that tough on him. Cut him off. Make him suffer. I mean we were suffering too.  What. If. What if I had shared all my million broken pieces with him, would he have seen me different, himself different, others different? Would it have given him hope, or motivation even? Maybe. Maybe. So, here is my effort to rip the blinders off of all the rest of us in this world NOT struggling with a powerful and thieving addiction in which we look down our nose at those who are and stare in disbelief and pity that they ‘just don’t get it’.

Enough. The truth is WE don’t get it and we haven’t since the war on drugs started. We haven’t gotten it since Adam and Eve. We are a broken people in fallen world. Everyone of us.

How can I make such an enormous statement? Because I realized I didn’t get it when I found myself using all kinds of ‘legal’ forms of addiction myself. To cope with things I didn’t like about myself, my life, my job, everything. I also have experienced heartbreaking eye witness to drug and alcohol abuse in my family. It’s always been around me. After going to Al-anon meetings to help me cope with ‘their problems’ I began to see a cycle of addiction very similar to the one I sat in awe of for so long. My own.

The fact that anyone can honestly say they haven’t used legal coping skills to deal with life, is a lie. The outright arrogance to honestly think your way of coping with stress, grief, pain and disappointment is of a degree higher than a junkie? It simply isn’t. Not if you understand and admit that we are all broken, ashamed and hurting. The truth is we all are. You buying 50 pairs of shoes or hiding twinkies in your sock drawer isn’t any less disturbing than a young father shooting up in his bathroom to escape.

It’s all about escape.

We don’t like our life for various reasons. Mostly, it doesn’t match the Norman Rockwell painting that’s burned into our minds. It doesn’t add up to what we expected. How sad. How shocking. No white picket fence or lemonade stand. Just a bunch of broken people raising more broken people and all the while judging each other on who’s the most broken. Enough is enough.

If you or someone you love has had enough, or if you’re interested in joining my crusade, Path of Recovery, contact me.