“When I began my 9-week journey, I was overweight, depressed…”                                  -Jamie, 9-WEEK GRAD

When I began my 9-week journey, I was overweight, depressed, suffered from low self-esteem, chronic pain, joint degeneration and was in need of shoulder surgery to repair a tendon and bicep tear as well as inflammation caused by a boney calcification on the collar bone which needed to be removed. In other words, I was a real mess. I had no endurance, no flexibility, and very little motivation to change anything.  Yoga appealed to me because I knew that it would increase my flexibility making me stronger and decrease my pain. I was concerned that it would be too difficult and that I would not be able to do very many of the poses but Misti started out slowly and modified several poses to accommodate my abilities. I found that as my stamina and strength increased, I felt better and my depression decreased. This motivated me to make healthier eating choices and my excess weight started coming off.  The best and most exciting part of my journey was the personal growth and friendship I developed with Misti. The guided meditation she led was calming and freeing. She also encouraged me to look deeper inside and release negativity replacing it with positive affirmation and encouragement. She helped me to develop constructive ways to confront past issues releasing their negative effects. This has been a positive influence in all areas of my life and for that I am truly thankful.  Thank You, Misti. Namaste.


“Even my husband was astounded.” -Christy, 9-WEEK GRAD

The Pathfinders 9 week program is far more than a yoga class. Not only did I build strength and lose pounds, I found parts of my authentic self that I had forgotten and left behind while facing much of life. After my 9-week program my health was better, my approach to life was better and my confidence was soaring. Even my husband was astounded.  Misti Derringer is beyond gifted in her craft. I am a different and much happier person thanks to her exclusive and effective 9-week program.


 “The program met me exactly where I was, exposed my needs and held my hand as I dealt with my pain.” -Katie, 9-WEEK GRAD

I started the 9-week program not knowing what to expect. I had been doing yoga for several months prior and felt it would help me take my practice to the next level. What I wasn’t expecting was the personal growth and self-assessment I would experience. Misti created a warm, open, and compassionate environment which enabled me to explore many things about myself and my relationships I had never thought about. The material, meditations and physical practice were designed specifically for me.  The program met me exactly where I was, exposed my needs and held my hand as I dealt with my pain.  I was motivated and stretched mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The time invested from myself and Misti continued to multiply as I went deeper and deeper into the program, I felt just when I had reached an ‘aha’ moment I was encouraged to dig a little deeper. The program is life changing, it takes you from where you are to where you want to be. It helped me grow and with growth came strength, I can’t thank Pathfinders enough for being my biggest cheerleader as I walk my journey.